Below you'll find details for our Mobile App releases.  We'll update this page with each release, highlighting our Mobile App additions, improvements, and important user information. 

For more details on a release reach out to our support team through our in-product live chat or at 

1.1.0 Release | February 13, 2024

This release includes exciting new updates to our Nearby map, mobile property research workflow with support for parcels and Cherre property data integration, and various fixes and enhancements including alerts for duplicates and photo fixes!

  • Nearby: Nearby map updates and enhancements include additional search functionality by address, the ability to toggle between multiple map views, the option to view four layers within the Nearby map: subject properties, other properties, parcel outlines, points of interest, and the addition of  “My Location” icon for iOS users!
  • Property research workflow
    • Cherre property data import: You are now able to import Cherre data via the Mobile app! Create a new property with single or multiple parcels and add single or multiple parcels to an existing property.
    • Support for parcels: You now have the ability to add the option of showing parcel outlines on the Nearby map, select multiple parcels by clicking “select multiple” in the selection panel, and access undefined address values on locations without parcel outlines!
  • Duplicate alerts: When creating a new property, you will now see the following message if a duplicate property exists in your office: “A similar property already exists”
  • Other fixes and enhancements:
    • Photo fixes: A 50 photo upload limit warning will appear when selecting photos to upload and portrait orientation photos are now correct size in gallery
    • Push notification fix: Push notifications are now appearing with given permissions

Learn more Release | October 30, 2023

This release has resolved a sign in issue for Google Pixel 8 Pro users, updated app plug ins for iOS users, updated Auth0, and fixed notifications for AUS users in the mobile app Release | February 28, 2023

This version of the Mobile App includes new Dashboard and Nearby menu options for quick access to the data most relevant to you as well as Australian localization support and mobile search and record editing fixes

  • Dashboard: The new Dashboard menu item provides quick access to the Jobs & Properties that are most relevant to your work on-the-go.  See your upcoming & recently viewed jobs and nearby and recently viewed properties.  
  • Nearby: The new Nearby menu item offers an interactive map centered on your current location displaying not only Google Maps POIs but also your proximate Valcre Properties.  Click on any icon to see summary information and all Properties are tagged with the distance from your current location.
  • Job & Property distance: Now, the distance of a given Job or Property record is calculated and displayed, relative to your current location.
  • Localization: Support for Australia localization.
  • Fixes:
    • Mobile Search
    • Subject Property thumbnail image display
    • Job record creation & editing
    • Contact record creation & editing
    • General app stability & usability


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