Quick Start Guide: Starter Subscription Tier


Congratulations on purchasing the Starter Subscription Tier with Valcre! This comprehensive guide is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless onboarding experience, providing you and your team a quick start to effectively utilize Valcre's features. Alongside this guide, you can also expect personalized training and support from your dedicated Client Success Manager to maximize your benefits from the platform. 

In this guide, we will:

1.  Review what your subscription tier includes

2. Review the two Valcre app experiences and when to use each of them for optimization

3. Share the best Help Center content to get you acclimated quickly

4. Teach you how to get support when and where you need it most 


Valcre Subscription Tier

Your Valcre Subscription Tier is the StarterTier. 

This tier includes everything outlined in the below picture. Our onboarding and training also reflect what is included in your subscription tier, including custom learning paths in our Help Center. If you want to upgrade your tier to Advanced/Professional, please contact your Client Success Manager to begin the conversation.



Online App and Valcre Mobile

You can access the Valcre Online App through your laptop or desktop using your preferred browser, or you can choose to access Valcre Mobile when you are on the road and assessing properties. It's like having your office in the palm of your hand, with the added benefit of effortlessly capturing photos and notes from your inspections, saving you even more time.


We recommend using both!

Use the mobile experience on-site, then access the online app to add more detail or export your records for report production.


Online App

Access the online app: App.valcre.com.


We will send you an e-mail from Valcre once your account has been created, prompting you to log in and set your password. 

Upon your initial login, please complete the user profile information. This is located in the top right corner by hovering over your name and selecting Account

Be sure to fully fill this out, as it will pull through into your Datasheet and Summary reports. Add as many licenses as needed by selecting Add License.


Valcre Mobile

Download Valcre Mobile one of two ways:

  1. Search for Valcre in the App Store on your mobile devices
  2. Using your mobile device, select the appropriate device type, iPhone or Android, to access mobile download options.

Your login for Valcre Mobile and the Online App are the same, and the information will sync between both data sources. 


Don’t take our word for it. Log in and check it out. 


Learn More about Valcre Mobile


Continued Support

Connect with Support Agents with Live chat in both the Online and Mobile Apps. This is the best way to contact support and ensure you get fast answers to your questions. We respond seven days a week and within minutes between 9 am - 7 pm Central, even during US public holidays.

Use the Live Chat to: 

  • Ask questions
  • Share documents
  • Live screen share
  • Get back on track!


Accessing Chat in the Online App

Select the Support icon near your profile in the top right corner. 



Accessing Chat in Valcre Mobile

Select the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app, followed by Help & Feedback at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to Valcre’s Help Center. You can chat with a support agent by selecting the chat icon in the bottom right. 



If you prefer email to connect with support, please email support@valcre.com. Valcre’s standard response time to a support email is within 24 business hours. 


Visit our online Help Center to view training videos, access how-to guides, and view past training webinars. 


Key Help Center Resources to view during onboarding

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