Product update: September 2023

Welcome to the Valcre September release! With this release we’re thrilled to unveil a redesigned and significantly faster Valuation Workbook setup, new Online App features for better data access, and an enhanced Database to bring even more value to your data.

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Redesigned Valuation Workbook for better performance*

The Valcre Valuation Workbook (Excel) received a major tune-up with this release and features a significantly faster workbook setup, improved overall performance, greater alignment with the Online App, and expanded data capture for Jobs and Buildings.

  • Workbook Setup: The redesigned Valuation Workbook features significantly faster setup and improved responsiveness and stability. The HOME tab now has a convenient Set Up wizard. Loading Jobs is now handled through the buttons in the Valcre ribbon.
  • Quick select options: To save you even more time on setup, the workbook features Quick Select Modules for common Approaches. If you need something not in the Quick setup list, just click the "Show All" button.
  • New fields: This version has 2 new Job attributes, and 4 new Building (Property) attributes.
    • Jobs: Effective Date, Internal Due Date
    • Building: Finished Basement, Unfinished Basement, Refrigeration Ratio, AC Ratio
  • Updated values: Client, Job, and Building drop-down values have been modified to better align with the Online App and allow for greater data transfer from the database, reducing errors and saving you time. 

Learn more: Release Notes | View Video | Download new Template     

*Only applies to Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.              

New Online App Features

We're all about the data with our latest Online App updates.  The latest version features key usability, customization, and data management enhancements to enable you to capture and analyze your data faster, and tailor Valcre to your unique practice needs.

  • Sales Sidebar: The much loved Property Sidebar is now available on Sale records so you always have key metrics and facts in view as you analyze Sale details.

  • More Customization options: Go further with aligning Valcre with your workflow and analysis needs with expanded customization options including custom fields on Parcels and the  the option to search Jobs and Comps by custom Property attributes.

  • Insert Report Fix: When using the insert report feature for datasheets, the subject pin is now present in all maps.
Learn more: Release Notes   


Expanded Valcre Database

The Valcre Database is better than ever with expanded attributes for Job and Building data, additional support for Multifamily and Affordable Housing properties, and greater localization for the Canadian market. 

  • Expanded Multifamily & Affordable Housing Support: Additional selections available on the "Rent Type" field in Surveys to capture a broader range of Multifamily and Affordable Housing properties.

  • New Building and Job Attributes: Capture more details about your Job and Building records
    • Jobs: Effective Date, Internal Due Date
    • Building: Finished Basement, Unfinished Basement, Refrigeration Ratio, AC Ratio
  • Field Values Aligned with Valuation Workbook: Drop down values are now consistent across the Online App and Valuation Workbook which simplifies data entry, reduces errors, and enables seamless transfer of data across the Valcre solution.  Values are also localized for the Canadian market.

Learn more: Release Notes 

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