Congratulations on purchasing the Starter Subscription Tier with Valcre! This guide is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless onboarding experience, providing you and your team with an optimal learning path in Valcre. 

Learning Path

We recommend taking these courses in the order provided below, but you are welcome to take the courses in your preferred order.  

  1. Valcre Overview
  2. Setting up your Account
  3. Downloading Valcre Mobile
  4. Valcre Mobile: Adding Properties
  5. Valcre Mobile: Adding Parcels
  6. Valcre Mobile: Adding Photos
  7. Creating a Property
  8. Valcre Online: Using the Search Grid
  9. Valcre Online: Using Sale Comparables
  10. Creating Lease Comparables
  11. Creating an Expense
  12. Creating a Survey
  13. Importing Third-Party Comparables
  14. Creating Datasheets
  15. Creating a Summary Comp
  16. Attend a Weekly Training


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