Valcre Office: Using the LAND1/LAND2 sheet


The LAND1 / LAND2 sheets in the Valcre Valuation Workbook are the Land Sales Comparison Approach sheets. This guide will teach you how to use them. 



  1. Subscription Tier: Professional or Enterprise
  2. The current Valcre Valuation Workbook was downloaded and set up by enabling the Land1 and/or Land2 modules. 

Table of Contents

Enabling the LAND1 |  LAND2 Module

Step 1: In the Home sheet, select any module with Land and, if applicable, Land 2. You may also select SHOW ALL under the Modules, then select Yes for Land Module 1 and Land Module 2 (if applicable)


Land Sales Comparison Approach Set-up

Step 1: Select Comp Set Name to Import from Valcre Online.

This will pull the data into the improved sales comparison table below.

Step 2: Clean up the table by using the comparables analyzed number to remove excess space. 

Step 3 (optional): Manually remove or add any comparables  in the Comp ID field

Add by typing directly in the yellow field.

Step 4: Adjust your Rounding

Select if you wish to see figures in the whole dollar or wish to show dollars and cents.

Step 5: Determine if you will adjust the Physical Information table. 

Step 6 (optional): Enter your Standard Adjustment rate


Land Sales Comparison table

This table will have a summary of your Land Sales Comparables.

Step 1: Pull in any additional items from Valcre Online to populate additional fields using the information entered into Valcre Online for that item. 

Pro tip: This section has ten additional lines hidden; unhide them if you wish to add additional items to this table. 

  • As with any table, do not delete columns or rows; it will cause workbook errors to form and prevent their usage in the Report.   


Step 2: Using the yellow fields, make all applicable adjustments. 

Step 3: Select how you would like to view the Marketing Period


Physical Information

This section allows you to make further adjustments. 

Step 1: Using the yellow fields, make all applicable adjustments

Step 2: Select your qualitative items. These will have automatic adjustments based on the drop-downs selected and are adjusted based on the standard adjustment field set at the top of this sheet.

  • You may manually override any of these fields; type directly into the field.

Step 3: Add additional items you would like to make adjustments on


Pro tip: This section has nine additional lines hidden; unhide them if you wish to add additional items to this table.

  • As with any table, do not delete columns or rows; it will cause workbook errors to form and prevent their usage in the Report.   

Land Sales Comparison Approach Conclusion table

Shows a summary of adjustments that will assist you in making your final conclusion.

Step 1: Enter the $/SF Conclusion to generate your final Value.

Step 2: Select the indicated value- the same values created on the Home sheet

Step 3: If you are going to make any adjustments, such as lease-up costs, select Yes from the Adjustment dropdown, enter the adjustment's name and value in the table, and select the indicated value.

Step 4: Select where you would like to round to using Rounding.

Pro tip: To disable the adjustment summary, select Yes in the Hide Adjustment Summary drop-down menu to the right of the table. 


  • Note: Any conclusions made in the improved sales comparison approach conclusions will appear in the VALUES sheet.


Land Sales Map

This map will show your Subject and Comparables using Google Maps (default) or Here Maps. 

Step 1: Bring in your map by selecting your preferred map provider and then select Get Map

Pro tip: You can make all your map preference suggestions before selecting Get Map to bring in everything at once. If you prefer to see your changes step by step, select Get Map after each selection. Any changes you make in the map preferences will not be reflected until you select Get Map.


Step 2: Make map adjustments

Map size
Show Key
  • Appears below the map.
Map Type


  • The Zoom on Here maps defaults to Auto, fitting the subject and all comparables on the view. Adjust your zoom as necessary using the drop-down and selecting Get Map to show changes.

Pin Style

  • Adjust your pin style to highlight your subject and comparables as appropriate for your report, and select Get Map to show changes.


Additional Pin Modifications

Adjust Pin Colors and labels. 

These were pre-set during branding when you first purchased Valcre, but they can be manually updated by right-clicking and selecting a new color fill.

Land Sales Photos

Step 1: Select Yes for Auto-fit and  Get Photos to populate your Land Comparable photos from Valcre Online.


Step 2 (optional): Resize the photos

You may manually adjust the sizing and positioning if you want to re-size the photos further. 


Pro tip: How your photos look in the workbook is how they will look in the report.

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