Valcre Online: Using Sale Comparables (2:39)

This guide will teach you how to create new, edit existing, and link Sales Comparables and Sets in Valcre Online.

  • Note: The blue-shaded fields are suggested to be populated, but no field is required. Once data enters a shaded field – the shading will change to white. The Primary Photo from the Property Record will show at the top of the page, and the location will be on a map.


  1. Subscription Tier: Any valid Valcre subscription
  2. Existing Property Record

Table of Contents

Adding New Sales Comparables

This video will guide you through creating a Sales Comparable. The step-by-step directions are below. 


Step 1: Locate the relevant property record to attach the sales comp by selecting Properties from the left side menu and enter the search properties into the search bar.

Step 2: Select the property you want to add to the Sales Comparable by selecting Open.

Step 3: Select the Comps tab from the top menu

Step 4: Any comparables already added to this property will be located here. Select Add Sale to add new or additional Sales Comparables.

Step 5: Enter the relevant sales information

Pro Tip: When entering information into the Income section, some fields will auto-populate, including the Actual Cap rate and multipliers on the screen's right side.


The Sale Comments field will appear in the Sale Datasheet, and the Valuation Workbook will be entered when the comparable is imported. This comment will then sync into the Valcre Report within the Sales Approach to describe the sale.

Step 6 (Optional): Add files

There are two ways to attach any relevant documents regarding the sale.

  • Option 1:  Select Add from the top menu, and then select Files and Photos. Finally, drag and drop the files/photos into the box or use Select Files to import from your computer.


  • Option 2: Select the Files tab from the top menu and then select Add Files. Finally, drag and drop the files/photos into the box or use Select Files to import from your computer.
Pro Tip: The file/photo that is starred will be the primary photo. 


Step 7: (Optional) If you want to export your sale, select the Export option from the top menu and select how to do so. 

Pro tip: Use the Related Tab to see what other jobs your Sales Comparable is related to.


This sales comparable is now located in the Sales tab of Valcre Online


Updating Existing Sales Comparables

Step 1: In Valcre Online, select the Sales tab from the left-side menu and search for and open the Sales Comparable you want to update. 

Step 2: Make any edits required


Creating a Comparable Set

This video will guide you through linking your comparables to a specific job and creating sets of comparables within that job. Below, you will find the step-by-step directions. 

Step 1: Select Sales from the left-hand menu, search for a Sales Comp to include in a set, and select Open.

Step 2: Select the clipboard+ icon to add this comparable to a Job.

Step 3: Search for and select the Job to which you would like to add this comparable and choose Next.

Step 4: Select New Set. Give the set a name to help identify it later, and select the Set type. Finally, select Add to Job+Set.

Pro Tip: After creating the set, you can add additional comps following steps 1-3. Instead of selecting New Set, select the existing set linked to the job and select Add to Job + Set


Linking an Existing Sales Comparable to a Job

Step 1: Locate the Sales Comparable 

Select Sales from the left side menu and use the search field to locate and open your Sales Comparable

Step 2: Select the clipboard+ icon from the top menu

Step 3: Search for the job you wish to add the Sales Comparable to and select Next

Step 4: Select the Set (if applicable) to add the Sales Comparable to or select Add Job to add the comparable without a set. 


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For additional questions about sales comparables, please contact Valcre Support using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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