Linking Comparables to a Job & Creating a Set (6:31)

This guide will teach you how to locate existing comparables, link them to a Job Record with an existing set, or create a new set.  



  1. Subscription Tier: All Subscriptions
  2. Existing Sale, Lease, Survey, or Expense Comparables 


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How-to Guide

Valcre Online

Step 1: Locate appropriate comparables
Select Sales from the left menu and search for the comparable(s) you wish to add to the Job Record.

Pro tip: You can search by specific name, type, area, etc. 


Step 2: Add the comp(s) to the job record
Select the radio box for the sale(s) you wish to link to your Job Record and select Add to Job from the top menu.

  • Step 2.2: Search for and select the job to which you wish to add these Sales as Comparables.
Pro tip: If you don’t have a Job Record created, you can create a new Job Record by selecting New Job from this screen


Step 3: Add to an existing set or create a new set. If your job does not currently have any existing sets, you can add these comparables to the job and add them to a new set. 

image (8).png


Select the Set you wish to use - OR - select New Set to create a new comparable set. 

  • New Comparable Set: 

    • Select New Set from the bottom, name the set, and select the set type from the drop-down menu. Select Add to Job + Set to complete the action.


  • Existing Comparable Set:

    • Select the existing set you want to add this comparable to and select Add to Job


Note: If you add additional sets to the job after syncing the Valuation Workbook or Word Report, you must re-sync the job to ensure the new information added to Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile pulls through into the workbook and report. 


For additional questions about linking comparables, please contact Valcre Support using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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