Two-Step Authentication - Authenticator App

Two-Step Authentication is a verification method and security feature which adds an extra layer of protection to your Valcre account. By enabling this feature, you will be required to enter a six-digit security code (in addition to your password) whenever you log in to your Valcre account.

To qualify for two-step authentication, you will need a mobile device with the ability to receive text messages or alternatively - able to run a mobile authenticator app.

Receiving codes through an authenticator app is generally more secure than a phone message or call, in the event that your phone is lost or stolen.

To use an authenticator app, install the Authy app on your mobile device. When prompted to create an account, use the same phone number you've registered with Valcre.

(If you need to change your registered phone number, please refer to Authy support.)

To set up two-step authentication using the Authy app, please follow the steps below:


Step 1 - Navigate to your 'Account' page on the Valcre platform.




Step 2 - Click 'Enable Two-Factor Authentication'.




Step 3 - Enter your Country Code & Phone Number, then click 'Send Code'.




Step 4 - Enter the code that has been sent to your mobile device, then click 'Verify'.




Step 5 - Select 'Authenticator app', then click 'Save'.




Step 6 - Enter the code that appears on your Authy app, then click 'Verify'.




Step 7 - Download/Print/Save your Recovery Codes in a safe place.




You have now successfully set-up Two-Factor Authentication. Now whenever you log-in to Valcre, you will be greeted by this additional page and will be required to enter the code visible on your Authy app.



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