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When you use Valcre to track your billing and invoicing, you keep all your historical data in one place, making it easier to track status, view growth, and locate later.

This guide reviews how to run your appraisal invoicing and billing through the Valcre product. Please use the medium of your learning preference: Video or Step-by-step guide.   



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  2. Completed job with Fee details added to the job record.

Table of Contents:




How-to Guide 


Step 1 -  Log in to Valcre Online and locate the job record you wish to invoice.


Step 2 - Set the Invoice Date

In the Job Record, locate the Invoice Date in the Dates subsection and enter the date the invoice was sent. 

Step 3 - Export your Invoice

Select the Export As drop-down from the top menu and select Invoice

This will download an invoice already branded to your firm's branding guidelines to your PC.

Step 4 - Add the Wire Instructions 

All relevant information will be pre-filled; scroll to the bottom to locate Wire Instructions and enter the relevant details.

Step 5 - Convert to PDF and send to your client

Once you have added all Wire Information, you can convert the Invoice Word template to a PDF and send it to your client in your preferred format. 

Now that you have sent the invoice and marked the invoice date on the Job Record, you will see the job appearing in the Invoiced jobs / Current Month and the Outstanding fees metrics on the Dashboard of the Online App.



Payment Received

Step 1 - Add the Paid Date

In the Dates section of the Job Record, enter the date you received payment into the Paid Date field.

Step 2 - Add the Amount Paid

In the General section, enter the amount paid into the Amount Paid field. 


Step 3 - Mark the job as closed.

In the General section, use the Status drop-down to select Closed


Now that the job has been invoiced, paid, and closed, the Dashboard metrics will update to include the job in the Paid jobs / Current Month and will no longer be counted in the Outstanding fees metric. You will also see this job is now contributing to the Billings/month graph.


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For additional questions about using the Billing and Invoicing feature please contact Valcre Support using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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