Valcre Report: Inserting Files and Images into your Report

This guide and video will teach you how to insert files and photos into your Valcre Report Template. 


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How to Guide

Adding Photos or Images

Once you have loaded your Property Analysis into the Valcre Report Template, scroll down to the Subject Property Photographs section. Here, you can manually add images or use the insert files feature to add them.


Manually Insert Images from Your Computer 

Manually inserting images is the method to use if you did not pre-load your images in the Online App | Database

Pro-Tip: Having your images loaded into the online app saves you time later if you need to re-use this job or property as a comp in another job.


Step 1: 

Insert your cursor above Caption and drag and drop the image you wish to add from your computer files. 


Step 2: 

Re-size to your preference and add a caption. Repeat these steps with all images you wish to add to your Report.  

Adding Images directly from your Online App | Database 

Suppose you have already loaded images into the Online App | Database. In that case, it’s easy to instantly insert files or images using the Insert Files function in your Report template.  For example, insert photos taken during the inspection or a PDF file into the addenda. 

Pro Tip: Use the Mobile App to take photos while inspecting the property, and they will automatically be added to your property record. 


Step 1: 

 Locate the Subject Property section in the Word report and delete the tables by selecting the , located next to the heading: Subject Property Photographs and selecting Delete Table

Step 2: 

Place your cursor at the top of the Subject Property Photographs section and select Insert Files from the Valcre Ribbon at the top of the Word Report Template

Step 3: 

This will bring up all images uploaded to the Job Record, the Subject Property Record, and the Primary Photos to any comp sets created and linked to the job. 

Step 4: 

Insert the desired images in your preferred method.

  1. Select images one by one, selecting Insert after adding each image. 
  2. Hold CTRL and select all desired images; select Insert once all images have been highlighted.
  3. Select the section title to add all images in that section and select Insert to add them all simultaneously. 


Be sure to review the image insert options before selecting Insert

  1. Use standard photo size - checked by default and will ensure all images are scaled to the same size. De-select to pull the photos through in their actual size.  
  2. Insert photos in a 2-column layout - Insert photos as a grid
  3. Include caption - Add all comments and captions to the photos in the Online database.


Step 5:

After inserting all images into your report, you may select to realign the captions. By default, all captions are set to left-side alignment. To change the alignment, highlight the entire table and modify the alignment.

Step 6: 

Repeat this process for all areas you wish to add images to your report, such as Plat Map and Zoning Map.


Insert a Document into Your Report  

Step 1:

Locate the Addenda section of the report, select Insert Files from the Valcre Ribbon, and switch to the Files tab to view and insert any PDF or attached documents. 

Step 2:

Select the file(s) you wish to insert and select insert


Continue Learning about Valcre with our suggested guide: Valcre Report: Saving your Report as a PDF.


For additional questions about Inserting Files and Images into a Report, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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