Valcre Online: Getting Property Data with the Valcre | Cherre Integration

This guide will teach you how to use Cherre inside Valcre Online to make job data sourcing more efficient and accurate.  



  1. Subscription Tier: Available for all Active Valcre subscriptions


Table of Contents




How-to Guide

Step 1: Log into Valcre Online 

Step 2: Select Properties

Step 3: Search for an existing Property Record to update or select New Property.

Step 4:  Select Get Property Data

Step 5: Enter the property address and select the property match from the drop-down

Step 6: Select the parcel you wish to view the currently available data from Cherre

Pro-tip: Valcre will show the five most relevant parcels when there are multiple parcels.
To improve your search, if you have a suite number, we recommend including that in your address search bar. 


Step 7 (optional): Once in the general search area on the map, you may also select and deselect specific properties to include in the parcel data. 

Step 8: Select Next at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 9: Select the property data you would like to include in the record and select Save.

Pro tip: If the property has already been added to your database, this action will update any new information not previously included in the original property record. 


For additional questions about using the Valcre | Cherre Integration to Get Property Data, please contact Valcre Support using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile. 

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