Valcre Report: Saving Report as PDF

When using Word and wanting to convert it to a PDF document, there are two options that you have. You can follow the steps below to ensure the file saves as a PDF.

Saving document as PDF

1. Click File -> Save As

2. Select the file type "PDF (*.pdf)", name the file, and select the location to be saved

3. Click Save button



Printing document to a PDF

1. Click File -> Print

2. Select the printer as "Print to PDF" and review the document to make sure everything looks as it should

3. Click Print button


4. A new window will appear, ensure that the file type is "PDF Document (*.pdf)" and now you can name and select the location to save the PDF document

5. Click Save



If you have tried both methods above and there is any errors or the graphics in the document are being distorted when converting the Word document to a PDF, please contact for further assistance.


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