Subdivision: Setting up the Valuation Workbook

This guide shows how to load the subdivision tabs into the Valuation Workbook.



  1. Subscription Tier: Professional (with the Subdivision Add-on) or Enterprise
    • This is not included in the base Professional subscription and requires an add-on service. If you would like to discuss accessing the Subdivision Workbook and Report Template, please contact your Client Success Manager or to assist. 
  2. Subdivisions must be enabled by a Valcre administrator.
  3. Valcre Add-In version or higher
  4. Valcre Workbook version 1.4.25 or higher  
  5. A partially started (at minimum) Job in Valcre Online

Table of Contents

How-to Guide

Before we start, please review the different shading types and cell colors in the Valcre Valuation Workbook. 

Field Types

  • Yellow: Type, overwrite, manually enter.

  • Blue: Drop-down menus with different options

  • Green Color Text: Data will be pulled directly from Valcre Online. You can change items in the Green text, but we recommend only doing so where the entry field is shaded in Yellow. Green text fields without the yellow shade contain essential formulas that should not be overridden. 


Setting up the Workbook

Step 1: Add your Job

Select Load Job from the Valcre Ribbon, select the job you wish to load into the Valuation Workbook, and select Load.

Pro Tip: The jobs assigned to you will show by default. If you wish to access jobs you are not assigned, de-select the Assigned to Me radio box. 

Scroll to the Start Here section to see that the Job ID has been added to Step 1 under Start Here, and the job details from Valcre Online have been pulled into the Valuation Workbook.

Step 2: Enter the property details

  • Property type -Select the appropriate type. In most cases, it will be Land
  • Property Subtype - Select the appropriate subtype. In our example, we used Subdivision - Residential Land
  • Property Occupancy Status - Select the appropriate status. 
  • Property Description - This is an optional field.

Step 3: Select the applicable Template

Step 4: Select the appropriate Modules

  • Pro tip: Select Show Al

In this guide’s example, we will select Land Module 1 and Land Module 2 as well as DCF

  • Please note: There is a custom DCF sheet (DEVMETHOD) that you will be using for the majority of the subdivision DCF. There is a discount rates table in the standard DCF sheet that you may want to use when using the Income Approach. In those cases, we advise also to enable the standard DCF sheet. 

At the end of the Modules selection, you must select YES for Alternate Market Analysis - and choose Subdivision.

  • This step is integral as it will load the Special Use Sheet specific for Subdivision Valuation. 

Step 5: Select Set Up Workbook 

Step 6: Load Subdivision-specific sheets

Once the workbook has been set up, select the SPECIALUSE sheet and select Load Subdivision. This will import the six Subdivision-specific sheets into your workbook. 

This will import the six Subdivision-specific sheets into your workbook. 

Once you have set up your Valuation Workbook, you can begin your Market Analysis in the CMA6 sheet. 

For additional questions about setting up your workbook, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile

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