Subdivision: Using the LOTS | Lots Sheet 

The LOTS sheet is an easy-to-use sheet in the Subdivision Valuation Workbook that helps keep track of the subject's lot groups. This sheet will show the information for the subject entered in Valcre Online.  

This guide shows how to access and use the LOTS sheet within the Subdivision Valuation Workbook.



  1. Subscription Tier: Professional (with the Subdivision Add-on) or Enterprise
    • This is not included in the base Professional subscription and requires an add-on service. If you would like to discuss accessing the Subdivision Workbook and Report Template, please contact your Client Success Manager or to assist. 
  2. Subdivisions must be enabled by a Valcre administrator.
  3. Valcre Add-In version or higher
  4. Valcre Workbook version 1.4.25 or higher  
  5. A partially started (at minimum) Job in Valcre Online
  6. Set up the Valuation Workbook for Subdivision work. 


How-to Guide

Step 1: Access the LOTS sheet by selecting LOTS from the bottom navigation menu. 

You will find the top part of the table (Phase I) pre-populated with up to five lot groups entered into Valcre Online. Lots can be reallocated into Phase II, and up to five lot groups can be included in each phase. 

Step 2: Select the Phase One lots in the top section of this table using the drop downs. 

Step 3: Select the Phase Two lots in the bottom section of this table using the drop downs. 

All data will be pulled into the subsequent data points, such as Improvements, Lots, Typical Size and Typical Front Feet indicated in Valcre Online for both phases. 

Pro tip: Hide any unused rows. 

Once completed, this table will appear in the report's Site section.


Once you have completed this table in the LOTS sheet, you can begin work in the LOTSALES sheet.

For additional questions about using the LOTS sheet, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile. 

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