Valuation Workbook: Setting up your Workbook (05.27)


The below video and subsequent guide will help you learn how to set up your Valcre Valuation Workbook. Please use whichever medium (Video or Guide) best suits your learning style. 



Your workbook will be branded and licensed for your company based on the branding and style guide you provided our Client Success team during onboarding. If you want to change your branding, please contact your Client Success Manager. 


Navigation menu 

This menu will help you navigate different worksheets and modules you’ve enabled for your job.

Home tab

You will use this tab to set up your Valuation Workbooks. You can navigate to this tab anytime if you need to change your setup. This training guide will focus on the HOME tab in your Valuation Workbook. 

Turn workbook shading off. 

This is only necessary when you have completed your valuation workbook and are ready to move on to the word portion of the process. Turning the workbook shading off will remove all cell shading, ensuring charts are clean and consistent.

Field Types

  • Yellow Fields: Fields you can type directly into. 

  • Blue Fields: Drop-down menus with different options.

  • Green Color Text: Data will be pulled into the Valuation Workbook directly from the database.


Set up Workbook

This will tailor the valuation workbook based on the specifications of your job.

Step 1: Select the Valcre ribbon in Excel.

If you don’t have this in your Valcre Valuation Workbook, please review the guide on installing the Valcre Add On’s.

Step 2: Select Load Job from the Valcre ribbon at the top of your workbook. 

This will provide a list of all jobs you are currently assigned. If you want to view all jobs, including ones you are not assigned, deselect the radio button: Assigned to Me

Step 3: Highlight the job you wish to load into the Valuation Workbook and select Load

Note: If you make any updates in the database to this job after loading the job into the workbook, you can push all updates into your workbook by selecting Load Job again. You will not lose any work already completed; only add additional database information you have added. 

If you wish to change the job loaded into the workbook, select Change Job from the Valcre ribbon.

Once you load the job, you will see that the Job number has been added to Step 1 in your workbook's SET UP WORKBOOK section. Additionally, all comparable sets have been imported. 

Step 4: In SET UP WORKBOOK, Select the Property Type using the drop-down selection.

Step 5: Select the Property Subtype using the drop-down selection.

Step 6: Select your Template.

The template describes the property. This will determine how the rest of your workbook is set up based on the type of property you are appraising. You must select a template, or you cannot set up your workbook. 

By default, this will display the most relevant templates based on your selection above. If you want to view the entire list of templates, select SHOW ALL. 

Step 7: Select your Module using the drop-down selection. 

The module describes the appraisal job is the analysis you will perform as part of that appraisal. The combination of the template and module will determine how the workbook is set up. 

If you would like to enable them manually, select SHOW ALL

Step 8: Select SET UP WORKBOOK from the bottom of the Home tab

All the appropriate worksheets have been added to the workbook based on your selections. 

If you make any changes in the SET UP WORKBOOK section after selecting SET UP WORKBOOK, please be sure to reselect SET UP WORKBOOK


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For additional questions about Setting up your Workbook in Valcre Office, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.


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