Valcre Workbook: CUSTOM- Custom Fields sheet

This sheet houses any custom fields that you or your firm have added. Each field will have its own unique named range, allowing you to reference this field anywhere else within the workbook. If you have added any value(s) to the custom field(s) in Valcre Online, that will be added to your report in this sheet. 

  • Note: The values will be brought into this sheet in their raw format. The steps below will guide you through selecting your desired format and importing these values into your Valuation Report

This guide will teach you how to use the CUSTOM - Custom Fields sheet in the Valcre Valuation Workbook.  


  1. Subscription Tier: Professional or Enterprise
  2. Current Valcre Valuation Workbook downloaded and set up
  3. Custom Fields added to your Valcre Online instance

This video will guide you through using the CUSTOM - Custom Fields sheet. Below, you will find the step-by-step directions. 


Step 1: Select the desired format using the format drop-down

There are various formatting options to select from, allowing you to customize how you would like your data to appear before it’s in your report. 

Step 2: Once you have selected all the format options, select Name Fields and Format Cells to update the custom field value to your preferred data format. 

Step 3: The fields can be pulled into your report, reflecting the format(s) selected in this sheet using the Insert Link feature in your Valuation Report template.

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For additional questions about Using the CUSTOM sheet in Valcre Office, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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