Valuation Workbook: Using the REPORT - Report Information Sheet

This guide will teach you how to use the Report sheet in the Valcre Valuation Workbook



  1. Subscription Tier: Professional or Enterprise
  2. Current Valcre Valuation Workbook downloaded and set up



How-to Guide

Step 1: Access the report sheet by selecting REPORT from the bottom or left-side navigation menu. 

There are several dropdowns. Once you select an option, the report will use that selection, combined with information pulled from the database, to produce the information for you. 

Step 2: Fill out the Guideline & Intended User table

Use the drop-downs in this section to show the reader the guidelines and intended use.

Pro tip: The paragraphs are pre-populated based on the selections made in each section. If you want to edit the generated text manually, type directly into the yellow field. 


Step 3: Fill out the Valuation Methodology table
Select the appropriate selection from each drop-down to indicate which approaches are relevant to your report. 

Pro tip: The paragraphs are pre-populated for you based on the selections made in each section. Should you want to manually edit the generated text, type directly into the yellow field. 


Step 4: Review and clean up your Information Sources chart 

This chart indicates:

  • Add additional rows
  • Hide rows: Hide unused rows by selecting Click Here to Hide Not Provided
    • Hide additional rows by highlighting the row, right-clicking, and selecting Hide.
    • Do not delete any rows or columns; doing so may create an error when pulling your workbook into your report. 

Step 5: Complete your Property Inspection table

This table will pull through the information you included on the appraiser information chart within the Home sheet and allows you to enter any third-party individuals present for the inspection.


Additional Optional Tables

Units Inspected table

This table supplements the Property Inspection table above it and is used for Multi-Family or Self-Storage properties. If you are not doing one of these appraisals, you can skip this table and not utilize it. 


Approaches to Value Applied table

This optional table allows you to edit down the explanations of what approaches were used and why, such as in a Restricted Appraisal report. This table is not automatically included in the base Report templates but can be added using the Insert File option in your Report.  

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If you have additional questions about Using the REPORT sheet in Valcre Office, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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