Valcre Mobile: Adding Photos

Once the property record is created, you can add photos. We recommend using the Valcre Mobile while you are on-site to increase your efficiency. All photos added to a property using Valcre Mobile can be found in Valcre Online in the Files tab of the property record. 


In this guide, you will learn how to add photos to your Property Records using Valcre Mobile.


  1. Valid Valcre subscription
  2. Download Valcre Mobile 


Step 1:  Create or locate an already created property record that you wish to add images.


Step 2: Select the camera icon from the property's front page.


Step 3: Select how you would prefer to add your photo(s)

Pro tip: Do not select more than 50 photos when adding photos. If you select more than 50 photos, your app may freeze or lose your photos if they are not already saved to your phone gallery. 



Step 3: Take or select (if already saved in your photo gallery) your applicable photos and select Done to begin uploading your photos.


Step 4: Select when photos should be uploaded.

  • Over any network (Data charges may apply)
  • Over Wi-Fi only

Your photos will begin to upload to the property record. You may leave the app if it is still running in the background. 

Pro tip: In Valcre Mobile, Photos and Files attached to the Property Record are located at the top of the Record in the Files tab. Select a photo or file to scroll through all loaded photos and files. 


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For additional questions about adding photos to Valcre Mobile, please contact Valcre Support using the live chat feature in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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