Linking Multiple Excel Workbooks

1. Create two (2) Excel workbook files and two (2) Word document files in one folder. Note, the file names can be whatever you choose.


2. Open both Word documents and link them to their respective Excel workbook counterpart via the Valcre Word Add-In.

Word 1 to Excel 1 and Word 2 to Excel 2

Your files should look like this:

Word_1.png and Word_2.png

3. In the Word 2 document – copy the section in the report in which you want a duplicate set of data points.

4. In the Word 1 document – paste the section you copied from Word 2 document. Your Word 1 document should now have two linked files showing up:


5. Provided you never Change File and edit the links of one Excel to point to the other Excel – the links will remain pointed to their respective files and sync from their respective Excel workbook files.

6. You can repeat this process as many times as needed to keep linking in additional Excel files.

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