Excel Troubleshooting: Adding Valcre as a Trusted Publisher

Adding Valcre as a Trusted Publisher on your machine ensures that Microsoft does not flag any templates that are downloaded from your platform and block the macros in these files. The below steps will run your through how to download and install the Valcre Certificate...


1) Email support@valcre.com and request the Valcre Certificate. We will respond with a link to download the certificate.

When downloading the file, you may receive the following warning message. It is safe to click 'Keep' on this file which will then begin the download.



2) You should now have a file named "ValcreCertificate.cer" in your Downloads folder. Locate the file and right-click, selecting the 'Install Certificate' option.




3) This will open the Certificate Import Wizard. Here, select "Current User" as store location. Then, click 'Next'.



4) Select the "Place all certificates in the following store" option and then click 'Browse'.



5) Select the "Trusted Publishers" folder, then click 'OK'.


6) Now, hit 'Finish' to complete the wizard.

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