Hospitality: Setting up the Hospitality Valuation Workbook


This guide will review the Home sheet and the process for setting up Hotel Analysis using the Valcre Hospitality Workbook. 


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  2. Downloaded Hospitality Template from Valcre Online.

Table of Contents


How-to Guide

Before we start, please review the different shading types and cell colors in the Valcre Valuation Workbook. 

Field Types

  • Yellow: Type-able fields with manual entry. You can overwrite any information populated as necessary.

  • Blue: Drop-down menus with different options to select. 

  • Green Color Text: Data will be pulled directly from Valcre Online. You can change items in the Green text, but we recommend only doing so where the entry field is shaded in Yellow. Green text fields without the yellow shade contain essential formulas that should not be overridden. 


Setting up the Workbook

Step 1: Add your Job

Select Load Job from the Valcre Ribbon, select the job you wish to load into the Valuation Workbook and select Load.

Pro Tip: The jobs assigned to you will show by default. If you wish to access jobs you are not assigned, de-select the Assigned to Me radio box. 


Scroll to the Start Here section to see that the Job ID has been added to Step 1 under Start Here, and the job details from Valcre Online have been pulled into the Valuation Workbook.


Step 2: Set up a template to identify the appropriate approaches for this analysis

In this guide example, we will enable the following modules:

  • Cost Approach
  • Land Approach
  • Improved Sales Comparison Approach - Choose a Sales Module
  • Income survey module
  • Discounted Cash Flow Module 

Note: The Income Approach elements highlighted in the image below are designed to assess a mixed-use hotel property, such as a hotel with ground-floor retail. 



Step 3: Review all fields to add additional information about the property and analysis.

Pro tip:  Green text indicates this field will pre-populate with data from Valcre Online.  Please note that any changes to data in the Valuation workbook pulled in from Valcre Online will not update the new information in Valcre Online. We always recommend changing the database to keep it as your source of truth. Once changed in Valcre Online, reload the job in the workbook with the new information.

In this section of the guide's example, we want to identify Property Rights in the Valuation Scenarios, which includes enabling the Going Concern Value sections and the Insurable Replacement Cost + Other Values as applicable. 

Once you have completed all necessary information in the Home sheet, you can proceed to the Facilities sheet for the Hospitality Workbook. 

For additional questions about setting up the Hospitality Workbook and using the Home tab in the Hospitality Valuation Workbook, please get in touch with Valcre Support using the Online Chat in Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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