Hospitality: Using the Datasets Sheet in the Valuation Workbook

The current market statistics and the names and locations of the hotels identified for the primary set are here. Much of this information has been pre-populated when you completed the Room Builder sheet. 

This guide will cover using the Data Sets sheet in your Hospitality Workbook.



  1. Subscription Tier: 
    • Enterprise: Included with the Subscription fee
    • Professional: Available as an Add-On
      • Please contact the Client Success Manager if you want to upgrade your subscription to access the Valcre Hospitality Workbook and Word Report template. 
  2. Downloaded Hospitality Template from Valcre Online.
  3. Set up the Hospitality Valuation Workbook in the Home sheet and a completed Room Builder sheet. 

Table of Contents

  1. Video
  2. How-to Guide


How-to Guide

After completing the Room Builder sheet, much of the data needed here has already been added. You only have a few more cell contents to edit in order to complete this sheet. 

Set-Up Sheet

Step 1: Enter Name for Market and enter Name for Submarket 

Type in the name you want for this section or set it to equal the name in the Market Profile sheet. 

  • To set it to equal the name entered in the Market Profile sheet, type = into the field, navigate to the Market Profile sheet, select the cell you want to have populated in Name for Market and select Enter


Step 2: Enter the Name for the Subject 

Type in the name you want for this section or set it to equal your name on the Home sheet. 

  • To set it to equal the name you entered on the Home sheet, type = into the field, then navigate to the Home sheet, select the name in the cell for Job Name, and select Enter.

Pro Tip: You can also abbreviate these names to ensure they fit appropriately in the table.



Before: Note that Buena Vista is cut off the table

After: Everything fits and looks clean


Current Market Statistics

Recall this table began to populate when you imported your Trend or Operator report into the Room Builder sheet.  


Step 1: Review the table and fill in any additional information required. 


Subject’s Primary Data Set

This table is populated with the Trend or Operator report imported into the Room Builder sheet and when you add any additional information in the Current Market Statistics table. 


Step 1: Select Click Here to Hide Unused Rows to clean up your table.


Add the table to your Word report (if it has not already been added).


Step 1: Once in your Word Report, place the cursor in the area of the Word Report you wish to add these tables. 

Step 2: Use the Insert Link feature to add the appropriate table from this sheet.

  • Current Market Statistics: HMA_Summary
  • Subject’s Primary Data Set: HMA_DataSetSummary


Once you have completed all necessary information in the Datasets sheet, you can move on to the Competitive Set Trends sheet in the Hospitality Workbook. 

For additional questions about the Datasets sheet in the Hospitality Valuation Workbook, please get in touch with Valcre Support using the Online Chat using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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