Hospitality: Using the Demand Driver Statistics Sheet in the Valuation Workbook

You will use this to identify drivers (I.E., airports, theme parks, office parks, retail centers, entertainment venues, or institutional development)  impacting room night demand for the hotel you are appraising. This sheet is very flexible and can be used for multiple items, not needing to be held to a strict regime, and can be customized as you need. It is set up by default for Month to Year and Year to Date. 

This guide will cover setting up and using the Demand Driver Statistics sheet within your Hospitality workbook. 



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  2. Downloaded Hospitality Template from Valcre Online.
  3. Smith Travel Retail or CoStar report
  4. Set up the Hospitality Valuation Workbook in the Home sheet. 

Table of Contents

Video Walk-Through

How-to Guide

Driver One 

Step 1: Enter the Driver Name

Select the Enter Driver Name field and input the name of the individual driver. In this example, we will use the local airport.



Step 2:  Input the individual categories and their data within this driver. 
In our example, we have used Domestic and International

Step 3: Enter your summary for the driver in the Yellow shaded field above the Driver Name

Pro tip: These fields are very flexible. You can reorder or change the reporting structure. 

I.E., If you want to see  YtD and Annual cumulative YoY, please update as you wish. 


Additional Driver Tables

Step 1: Repeat the above step with all four Driver tables as necessary. 

Pro Tip:

If you don’t need a table or several tables, hide the table by highlighting the appropriate rows, right-clicking, and selecting Hide. As with any table, do not delete columns or rows; it will cause workbook errors to form and prevent their usage in the Word file.   



Add tables to your Word file (if not already added).

Step 1: If these tables are not already in the Word file, use the link names below each table: 

HMA_Driver01, HMA_Driver02, HMA_Driver03, and HMA_Driver04 to insert them into your report using the Insert Link feature in the Word Report template. 

Once you have completed all necessary information in the Demand Driver Statistics sheet, you can move on to the Room Night Builder sheet in the Hospitality Workbook. 

For additional questions about setting up the Using the Demand Driver Statistics sheet in the Hospitality Valuation Workbook, please get in touch with Valcre Support using the Online Chat using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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