Hospitality: Using the PenOccupancy Sheet in the Valuation Workbook

The Occupancy Conclusion table is part two of your projections for demand, allowing you to determine how your subject will perform in light of other properties.

This guide shows you how to use the Projections for Demand sheet in your Hospitality Workbook.


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Table of Contents

  1. Video
  2. How-to Guide


How-to Guide

Step 1: Access the Projections for Demand sheet by selecting PENOCCUPANCY from the bottom menu. 


Step 2: Review the history and determine how the subject will perform in light of other properties.

Enter these forecasts into the appropriate yellow field.


Pro- tip: 

  • Subject is/will underperform the set | competition = > 100%
    • If the historical data show the subject is consistently underperforming, it would be safe to assume it should perform the same way unless there were a capital event. 
      • If you have a property improvement plan scheduled in year 2 or 3 and the subject has been operating at an index of, say, 80 or 90%, you could safely argue that the improvement plan will impact the subject's ability to perform in the market and estimate a higher factor. 
  • Subject is/will outperform the set | competition = < 100%
    • If the historical data shows the subject consistently outperforms the set,  you could forecast accordingly.
  • Subject is performing and expected to continue to be on par with the set | competition = 100%


Step 3: Enter the Penetration Projections or index factors for each segment. 


Additional Sets or Assets

The number of segments, secondary sets, or assets you selected in the Room Night Builder sheet will be reflected in this table, and you will want to review the projections and adjust accordingly.  


Step 1: Select Click Here to Show All Rows to access the additional items. 

Step 2: Review how occupancy for the subject has been forecasted.


Demand Conclusion Table

Step 1: Add your summary for the Demand Projections table using the yellow field at the top of the sheet.

Once you have completed all necessary information in the Projections for Demand sheet, you can move on to the ADR Builder in the Hospitality Workbook. 

For additional questions about using the Projections for Demand sheet in the Hospitality Valuation Workbook, please get in touch with Valcre Support using the Online Chat using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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