Hospitality: Using the Demand and Summary (ADR Occupancy) Sheet in the Valuation Workbook

This sheet allows you to present a summary of conclusions related to the ADR and Occupancy.  The data is organized into tables highlighting conclusions for rates and occupancy for the subject, the set, and the surrounding market. 

This guide shows you how to use the ADR Occupancy Sheet sheet in your Hospitality Workbook.



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Table of Contents

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  2. How-to Guide



How-to Guide

Step 1: Access the Demand and Rate Summary sheet by selecting ADROCCSUMM from the bottom menu. 

The tables on this sheet reflect the conclusions made throughout your analysis to date. 


Step 2: Add National Brand Data (Optional) 

National Brand data allows you to help bolster your summary for the market and submarket with a National snapshot of the brand.

Pro-tip: You can find this info by researching the annual reports associated with your brand, like a 10K report. 

Step 3: Add your summary for the competition and subjects ADR and Occupancy using the yellow field at the top of the sheet. 


Once you have completed all necessary information in the Demand and Rate Summary sheet, you can move on to the Projections Summary sheet in the Hospitality Workbook. 

For additional questions about using the Demand and Rate Summary (ADR Occupancy) sheet in the Hospitality Valuation Workbook, please get in touch with Valcre Support using the Online Chat using Valcre Online or Valcre Mobile.

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