Online App: Release Notes

Below you'll find details for our Valcre Online App releases.  We'll update this page with each release, highlighting our Online App & Database additions, improvements, and important user information. 

For more details on a release reach out to our support team through our in-product live chat or at Release | September 27, 2023

This version of the Online App includes a new Sales record sidebar, new fields and search filters, updated drop-down values to better align with the Valuation Workbook, improved Multifamily and Affordable Housing support, and enhanced customization options.

  1. New Sales record sidebar: The sidebar provides a persistent view of key sales metrics when working with Sales records

  2. New dropdown values: The additional dropdown values now align the online app with the workbook:
    • New dropdown value in Properties: Site View
    • New dropdown values in Jobs: Purpose, Format, Scope, Role
      • The Purpose dropdown ordering has changed due to three additional labels (Partial Interest Taking, Total Taking, Condominium Ownership) and three labels which have been renamed (Market Value Fee Simple → Fee Simple Interest, Market Value Leased Fee → Leased Fee Interest, Market Value Leasehold → Leasehold Interest)
    • New dropdown values in Jobs (Localized Change for Canada Only): Values, Analysis Level
    • New dropdown values in Surveys: Rent Type, Included Utilities
      • The Rent Type dropdown better supports multifamily, affordable housing, and the NYC market
      • New dropdown value in Leases: Lease Type
      • New dropdown value in Sale: Transaction Status

  3. New fields: We are capturing valuable requested customer data, and with the property attributes, we are enriching the value of their comps
    • New fields in Jobs: Date of Value, Internal Due Date
    • New fields in Properties: Finished Basement, Unfinished Basement, Refrigeration Ratio, A/C Ratio

  4. Custom Field Enhancements: We continue to expand our custom fields functionality by allowing custom fields on Parcels, and extending property custom attribute search options

  5. New search filters and columns: The new search filters allow users to expand their search criteria and view said criteria as respective columns
    • New search filters and columns in Jobs: Inspection Date
    • New search filters and columns in Surveys: Rent Type
    • New search filters and columns in Sales: Permitted FAR, Confidential, Buyer, Seller, Recording Number

  6. Subject pin present in maps: When using the insert report feature in datasheets, the subject pin is now present in maps Release | February 15, 2023

This version of the Online App includes expansion of our Compstak Importers, improved support for formatted number pasting, refined Dashboard metric calculations, and much more.

  • Compstak data: Importing data is easier than ever with our expanded Compstak Importers that now support Leases and Sales
  • Data transfer: Improved support for pasting of formatted numbers into input fields
  • Data rollups: Now, Draft Jobs are treated as Open Jobs on the Dashboard, and Archived Properties are ignored in Sets
  • Search: Our full text Search accepts more characters, particularly those from OCR'd data, ensuring successful searches
  • Cherre Property Data: the Google Maps link has been fixed in the Cherre Property Data interface
  • Record Editing: Undefined User Names are now populated with the user email in the interface


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