Below you'll find details for our Valcre Online App releases.  We'll update this page with each release, highlighting our Online App & Database additions, improvements, and important user information. 

For more details on a release reach out to our support team through our in-product live chat or at 


1.8.5 | April 30, 2024

This release includes updates to the Jobs search grid, one additional dropdown option in the Surveys tab, an additional decimal place in the "Frontage" field of the Properties , and several other fixes and enhancements including a formula fix.

  • Jobs search grid:
    • Search for Jobs by the subject property’s GBA and NRA! 
    • Columns for “County” and “Parcel” numbers are now available in the Jobs search results 
    • The “Typical Lot Front Feet” field now includes a formula fix and will be hidden if Subdivision permission is disabled. 
  • Other fixes and enhancements:
    • Properties tab: The "Frontage" field under “Streets” in the Properties page now includes two decimal places
    • Survey tab: “Trash” is now an option under “Included Utilities”
    • Formula fix: A formula fix for a parcel’s calculated fields 

Learn More: Feature Guide Hotfix | April 5, 2024

This hotfix resolves an issue with incorrect imperial to metric conversions using the background export. When running large exports (100+ records), the imperial to metric converted values for area and length fields were incorrectly saved in the database. Hotfix | March 26, 2024

This hotfix includes an update to the API to allow specialty template types to populate as an option in the workbook. 


1.8.4 Release | February 28, 2024

This update to the Online App includes a fix for the Get Property Data service returning multiple parcels for the same latitude and longitude and a fix in displaying lot activity in audit logs. 

  1. Multiple parcels with same latitude and longitude fix: The issue with our Get Property Data service returning multiple parcels for the same latitude and longitude has been resolved. For properties containing a large number of parcels, the top 5 parcels will appear based on the following attributes: unit number, street name, building sq. ft. allowing the user to choose the correct parent or child parcel.
  2. Audit logs displaying correct activity: When subdivision feature is enabled, the user will see correct activity for Lots in the audit log.

Learn More: Support Guide | Video


1.8.3 Release | February 1, 2024

Version 1.8.3 of the Online App includes several CUSPAP updates to support the term “Authorized”, addition of import and export notifications, and fixed issues with downloading office data. 

  1. CUSPAP updates: CA users will see minor updates in the Job Object of the Online App to support 2024 CUSPAP.
    • “Client” field label has been renamed to “Authorized Client"
    • “Intended Use” field label has been renamed to “Authorized Use"
    • “Analysis Level” field features updated dropdown values to reflect the new CAUSPAP Report types of Comprehensive, Concise and Form.
  2. Import/export notifications: The app now makes it easier to import and export large numbers of records (over 100).
    • When importing records, you can see progress of the import and will receive an in app notification when completed.
    • You will be notified via email when the export is ready for download. Additional account notification settings available for these features as well.
  3. Export enhancements: Large exports will now run in the background while you continue your workflow. 
  4. Data download fix: Fixed issues with downloading office data. 


1.8.2 Release | December 21, 2023

  1. Subdivision data module*: The most expansive property support in the industry just got better!  Subdivision debuts as an Add-on to Professional subscriptions, and is included with Enterprise. Finished Lots analysis is available now, with Finished Homes coming soon in 2024.
    • New Lots tab:  Our new Lots tab captures data on multiple Lot Groups
    • New Subdivision Datasheet
    • Contact your AE or CSM to learn more about adding this to your Enterprise subscription!
  2. Secure Sign on (SSO) now available**: We now support Single Sign On (SSO) as a login option so your users can sign in to Valcre using their work accounts. 
    • We now support Microsoft Entra ID and Google Workspace
    • We also support SAML based integrations
    • Contact your AE or CSM to learn more about adding this to your Enterprise subscription!

  3. Data importer and exporter enhancements
    • Our enhanced FlexMLS importer supports and maps additional fields to our Valcre data schema.  Now “Valcre LegalDescription” maps to either “Legal” or “Legal Description” and “Valcre AddressStreet” maps to either “Street” or “Street Name”
    • Various fixes to ensure accuracy in updated Property Sales records and preserve property formatting when exporting NULL field values
    • And our Ottawa MLS importer is now available for Canadian clients!

*Requires Professional or Enterprise subscription | **Requires Enterprise subscription


1.8.1 Release | October 23, 2023

This update to the online app includes the addition of comp numbers to comp sets and a fix to assigning new image IDs in duplicate records.

  1. Comp numbers in custom datasheets: Comparables are now numbered when they are part of a comp set 

  2. New image IDs now assigned to images in duplicated records: When duplicating a record, images are now assigned the new IDs from the duplicate record

Geographic specific updates: In addition, the online app includes updates for Australian clients including: 

  1. Updated lease search filter: Search filters now specify Commencement Rent $/p.a and Commencement Rent $sq.m.p.a

  2. Updated building area search filter: The “Building Area” filter now returns values for any one of the following four building areas: NLA, GLA, GLAR, GBA 

  3. New field name: The field name “Flood Zone” has been renamed to “Flooding” within the Property tab Release | September 27, 2023

This version of the Online App includes a new Sales record sidebar, new fields and search filters, updated drop-down values to better align with the Valuation Workbook, improved Multifamily and Affordable Housing support, and enhanced customization options.

  1. New Sales record sidebar: The sidebar provides a persistent view of key sales metrics when working with Sales records

  2. New dropdown values: The additional dropdown values now align the online app with the workbook:
    • New dropdown value in Properties: Site View
    • New dropdown values in Jobs: Purpose, Format, Scope, Role
      • The Purpose dropdown ordering has changed due to three additional labels (Partial Interest Taking, Total Taking, Condominium Ownership) and three labels which have been renamed (Market Value Fee Simple → Fee Simple Interest, Market Value Leased Fee → Leased Fee Interest, Market Value Leasehold → Leasehold Interest)
    • New dropdown values in Jobs (Localized Change for Canada Only): Values, Analysis Level
    • New dropdown values in Surveys: Rent Type, Included Utilities
      • The Rent Type dropdown better supports multifamily, affordable housing, and the NYC market
      • New dropdown value in Leases: Lease Type
      • New dropdown value in Sale: Transaction Status

  3. New fields: We are capturing valuable requested customer data, and with the property attributes, we are enriching the value of their comps
    • New fields in Jobs: Date of Value, Internal Due Date
    • New fields in Properties: Finished Basement, Unfinished Basement, Refrigeration Ratio, A/C Ratio

  4. Custom Field Enhancements: We continue to expand our custom fields functionality by allowing custom fields on Parcels, and extending property custom attribute search options

  5. New search filters and columns: The new search filters allow users to expand their search criteria and view said criteria as respective columns
    • New search filters and columns in Jobs: Inspection Date
    • New search filters and columns in Surveys: Rent Type
    • New search filters and columns in Sales: Permitted FAR, Confidential, Buyer, Seller, Recording Number

  6. Subject pin present in maps: When using the insert report feature in datasheets, the subject pin is now present in maps Release | February 15, 2023

This version of the Online App includes expansion of our Compstak Importers, improved support for formatted number pasting, refined Dashboard metric calculations, and much more.

  • Compstak data: Importing data is easier than ever with our expanded Compstak Importers that now support Leases and Sales
  • Data transfer: Improved support for pasting of formatted numbers into input fields
  • Data rollups: Now, Draft Jobs are treated as Open Jobs on the Dashboard, and Archived Properties are ignored in Sets
  • Search: Our full text Search accepts more characters, particularly those from OCR'd data, ensuring successful searches
  • Cherre Property Data: the Google Maps link has been fixed in the Cherre Property Data interface
  • Record Editing: Undefined User Names are now populated with the user email in the interface


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