Product Update: June 2024

Welcome to the Valcre June release! With this release we’re thrilled to unveil our updates to our Valuation Workbook. This workbook includes updates to PwC data capture, Here Maps, and many other fixes and enhancements.


Keep reading below for more details and links to additional information.

PwC Investor Survey Data

The Valcre Valuation Workbook (Excel) includes exciting updates to new and existing functionality  including new Expense Growth Rate and Market Rent Growth Rate tables and chart support, updates to the National Investor Survey, and support for PwC Market Data to pull into DCF sheets!

Expense Growth Rate table and Market Rent Growth Rate table and chart support: Check out our new Expense Growth Rate and Market Rent Growth Rate table on the RATES sheet! Data will populate after importing Market data in the OAR sheet. And don’t miss additional chart support! To display this chart, make a selection from the “Show Charts” dropdown on the OAR sheet.

Expense Growth Rate and Market Rent Growth Rate Conclusion tables: Data from PwC will populate automatically in Conclusion tables, or enter data from RERC, Realty Rates or Market Participant Interviews.

National Investor Survey: Now, choose from a variable number of quarters in the "Year/Quarter" dropdown! The "Current Quarter" label will update to "Retrospective Quarter" accordingly! In additional import data from multiple markets with different time periods and populate the chart below the National Investor Survey table with the shortest time period of imported market data! 

PwC data capture in DCF sheets: Pull in Market Rent Growth Rate data in the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) table on the DCF sheet! And, pull in PwC data in the “Market Rent” and “Expenses'' dropdowns of the ASSMPTNS sheet!  

All the new PwC exhibits can be incorporated into your reports by linking to the exhibit names from your Report Template (Word file).  If you find the need to regularly incorporate these new elements, reach out to our Support team and we can update your Report Templates so they are included by default.

Learn more: OAR sheet | EXEC sheet | RATES sheet 


HERE Maps has received various updates to field labels and UI changes supported by the latest Here Map image API! Note that HERE Maps is deprecating their old APIs in Summer of 2024 and HERE Maps in previous versions of the Valcre Workbook will no longer function.  


  • Subject map markers: Subject map markers now appear with "Subject" above the map marker
  • "Map Type" label updates have been applied to Aerial, Local, and Regional maps
  • Dropdown updates have been applied to "Map Type", "Units of Measure", "Pin Style", and "Pin Size" 
  • Corner maps are no longer supported


  • Subject map markers appears with "Subject" above the pin
  • Comps maps now default to auto-zoom in order to fit all map markers 
  • Pin Style dropdowns updated to match MAPS sheet
  • "Pin Text Color" has been updated to "Pin Label Color"
  • Drag and drop markers design have been updated to align with updated map markers for Here Maps 

Learn more: HERE Maps Feature Guide

Canadian localization 

  • Labeling: See various label updates including "Extraordinary Limiting" on the HOME sheet, "Province" on the OAR sheet, and "Direct Comparison Approach Conclusion" on the SALE1 and SALE2 sheets
  • Workbook setup: On the UNITMIX sheet, Row 18 is no longer hidden
  • Comps maps unit updates: Comps maps now display in km

Key fixes

  • BLS data import: BLS data import errors have been resolved on the REGIONAL sheet. If you're experiencing trouble importing BLS data, use the latest Valcre Workbook. 
  • Data capture: More fields are now populating from the database to the workbook including, but not limited to Client Salutation and Date of Value in the HOME sheet, Yard Storage in the IMPV sheet, and  "As-Is" or "As-Is Market Value" data from the HOME sheet to LAND 1 sheet. 
  • Comps photos: Comps photos now auto-fit on all Comps sheets (SALE1, SALE2, LAND1, LAND2, SURVEY1, SURVEY2, RENT1, RENT2, RENT3, RENT4)
  • Various fixes and enhancements: Find enhancements including an increased number of MLAs in the Rent Roll section of ASSMPTNS sheet, a cap of 10 in the "Number of Renewal Option Terms" in RENTROLL sheet, formula edits, and more! See Workbook Release Notes for a detailed overview of all updates. 

Learn more: Workbook Release Notes | Download Workbook


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