In this article, you will find detailed release notes for all of our Excel template rollouts. Whenever a new template version is released, you will be able to find a detailed list of changes/improvements here.

For more details on a release reach out to our support team through our in-product live chat or at 

1.4.30 Hotfix | April 12, 2024

  1. PwC data integration update: We have updated our PwC integration and added new features in our Valuation Workbook. 
    • Access to PwC data: To access PwC data, use the embedded links on the EXEC and OAR sheets to navigate to the PwC website. From there, download National Investor Survey data.   
    • Data integration:  Use our new import tools on the OAR sheet to import up to 4 Market files to the workbook. The following fields will populate from the data import: 
        • OAR sheet: “Capitalization Rates” dropdowns and “Year/Quarter” fields will populate from the data import.
        • EXEC sheet: Make a selection from the “Source” dropdown in the EXEC sheet to match OAR dropdown selections.
        • RATES sheet: Data will automatically populate in the RATES sheet from the OAR sheet.
    • New chart support: The workbook now includes chart support for National Investor Survey data! Click “Show Charts” to access these new data visualizations. 
        • OAR sheet: Chart support is now available for National Investor Survey data
        • RATES sheet: Chart support is now available for National Investor Survey- Discount Rate and National Investor Survey- Residual Cap Rate data.
    • Unsupported data values: Enter the following information into the workbook from the PwC Investor Survey.
        • EXEC sheet: “Months Range” and “Average” in Exposure & Marketing time table.
              • Note: “Overall Average” will populate at the bottom of the table based on data entered in “months range” and “average” in Exposure & Marketing time table 
        • OAR sheet: Data for “Range” fields 
              • Note: “Average” fields will populate based on “Range” data entered. 
              • Option to choose “yes/no” to hide range columns
        • RATES sheet: Data for “Range” fields 

Learn More: Feature Guide 


1.4.28 Release | February 9, 2024

  1. Enhanced market analysis export fix: The workbook has been updated to resolve an issue in the Enhanced Market Analysis export file format which caused Market Sale Price and Vacancy charts to not populate in the Valcre Workbook. The latest fix restores these data points and charts will display correctly.

1.4.27 Release | January 12, 2024

  1. Enhanced market analysis import fix: The workbook has been updated to resolve an import issue from Costar causing the Market Rent graph in the Enhanced Market Analysis section of the CMA1 tab to not populate. An additional formula fix has also resolved multiple of the same year appearing in the Enhanced Market Analysis section of the CMA1 tab.
  2. Formula fix: A formula fix, affecting Microsoft Office versions 2016 or earlier,  has been deployed to resolve a #VALUE! error appearing in several dropdown fields across the base Workbook which prevented certain portions of the workbook from transitioning to Canada depending on the value entered for the Subject_Country.

1.4.26 Release | January 8, 2024

  1. Regional unemployment data: The base workbook and hotel workbook have been updated to resolve an import issue causing Regional Unemployment data to be omitted from the Monthly Unemployment Rate Chart, Annual Unemployment Rate Chart, and State and Regional Employment Table in the Regional tab.

1.4.25 Release | December 28, 2023

  1. USPAP/CUSPAP compliance: The Valuation Workbook and Report Templates received some minor updates to ensure compliance 2024 USPAP/CUSPAP standards. 
    • US users: Check out the HOME and EXEC tabs with modified Sales History labels, a new Sales History auto-text option for transfers, and modified auto-text options for "Other Sale/Listing/Contract." All of these changes are in support of the addition of "and other transfers" to the Standards Rules. We have not made any general updates to US Report Templates (Word) for 2024 USPAP. If you would like your Report Templates updated, please reach out to Valcre Support.
    • Canada users: You'll see additional Workbook and Report relabeling to support the term change from "Intended" to "Authorized" and the newly defined Report Format options. You will see these changes on the HOME and REPORT tabs in the Workbook. The new Report Formats have been added to the Report Depth picklist in the Workbook. CA Report Templates have been updated to reflect the "Authorized" language when referencing "Client" and both original and new 2024 versions of your reports are available on your Downloads page.  If you have any questions or require additional modifications to your Report Templates, please reach out to Valcre Support.
  2. New property type - Subdivision: The most expansive property support in the industry just got better!  Subdivision debuts as an Add-on to Professional subscriptions, and is included with Enterprise plans. Finished Lots analysis is available now, with Finished Homes coming soon in 2024.
    • Subdivision specific worksheets: Load Subdivision specific worksheets directly from the base workbook using our Special Use tab. There are 6 Subdivision specific worksheets: summary sheet labeled CMA6, Lots, Lot Sales, Lot Cost, Dev Method, and Dev Cost. 
    • Ready to upgrade? Reach out to your CSM or AE to learn more about Subdivision today!
  3. Workbook fixes and updates: 
    • Formula fixes: Formula fixes in the excel include correction for autofill in Column J for the Direct Cap tab, a fix for the vacancy columns on the IE tab, and a revision of the use for the subject_parcel link.
    • Formatting updates: Viewing rules on tables for certain approaches have been edited on the VALUE tab, use of “months” and “days” has been revised on the SALES and LAND tabs, and the way Land_value1 is used was revised on the COST tab.

1.4.11 Release | October 31, 2023

  1. Demographics tab data importer: The valuation workbook has a fix for the Esri Business Analyst demographic data import

1.4.00 Release | September 27, 2023

  1. Redesigned HOME tab: Simplified workbook setup and improved connectivity between the Online App and Workbook to increase amount of data transferred from the Valcre Database. Workbook setup now takes approximately half the time as it did previously.
    • Load job data: Now use the "Load Job" button from the Valcre ribbon to load job data.  Manually entering the Job number into the workbook is no longer supported. 
    • Change job data: To change job data, use the "Change Job" button from the Valcre ribbon.  Manually entering the new Job number into the workbook is no longer supported.
    • New Workbook setup Wizard: workbook setup consolidated to the top of the HOME tab and organized into 5 simple steps.  Workbook configuration will only execute once all 5 steps are completed instead of continuously as each selection is made.
    • Property Type and Subtype: selections moved to the "Set up Workbook" section of the HOME tab.
    • Occupancy Status: selection moved to the "Set up Workbook" section of the HOME tab.
    • Optional description: New setup option and does not need to be filled out at this time.  Will be used in future workbook versions with additional setup automation.
    • Select Template: Workbook setup step added to choose a recommended template based on Property Type, Property subtype and Occupancy status selections.  This selection guides the workbook setup.
    • Quick Select Options: Select common combinations Approach Modules for faster workbook setup.  All Approaches are available by clicking the "Show All" button.
    • Lower portion of HOME tab now hidden: The lower portion is revealed only when template set up is complete.

  2. Modified drop down options: Modifications include adding values, removing values, and renaming values in the following areas and attributes to drive uniformity with the Online App, allow for greater data auto-population and extend support for property types such as Multifamily and Affordable Housing.

  3. New Job and Building attributes: 2 new job fields and 4 new Building (Property) fields.
    • Job:  Effective Date, Internal Due Date
    • Building: Finished Basement, Unfinished Basement, Refrigeration Ratio, AC Ratio



Hospitality Workbook Updates

  1. Updated template default layout: The default template layout accommodates streamlined valuations which defaults to automatically hide tabs and references to complicated scenarios
  2. The following fields are now populated in the workbook from the online app:
  • HOME tab:
    • Salutation
    • Investment Grade
    • Location Quality
    • Site Access
    • Site Exposure
    • Building Quality
    • Building Condition
    • Building Appeal
    • Role (Three total “Role” fields under Appraiser Information)
    • Date of Report
    • Internal Due Date
  • Data_Property
    • Cranes
  • EXEC tab
    • Tenancy 
    • Flood Zone
  • SITE tab
    • Site
    • Direction
    • Street and Traffic Detail Features: Lights, Curbs, Sidewalks, Signals, Median, Parking, Center Lane, Bike Lane 
    • Site Utility
    • Corner
    • Shape
    • Topography 
  • IMPV
    • Lease Type
    • Parking Type
  • DEMO
    • Population Total
  • SALE1
    • Guest Room Amenities
    • Sale Status
  1. Hospitality workbook training videos: Click here to view the Hospitality workbook overview and training videos support page 
  2. Training videos linked to workbook in the following tabs: 
    1. Home tab
    2. Facilities tab
    3. Market Profile tab
    4. Demand Driver Statistics tab 
    5. Room Night Builder tab 
    6. Data Sets tab
    7. Set Trends tab
    8. Segmentation tab
    9. Demand Projections tab
    10. Pen Occupancy tab
    11. ADR Builder tab
    12. ADR Occupancy Summary tab
    13. Projections Summary tab
    14. Expense Comparable tab
    15. Income and Expenses tab
    16. Revenue and Expenses tabs
    17. Direct Cap and DCF tabs
  3. Improved Facilities tab: The Facilities tab now includes more references to the database and the IMPV tab
  4. Fix to CMA tabs: Deployed fix for the error in the CMA tabs caused by CoStar product change
  5. Added feature to allow for auto import: STR Trend Report and Operator Report from the property
  6. Updated Room Night Builder tab (with added instructions) and ADRBUILDER tab to allow for ease of use
  7. Updated Revenue and Operating tabs: Allows for row hiding and table set up


1.3.23 Release | February 28, 2023

  1. Improved Formatting VALUE Tab; Changed formatting on the tab in various cells to improve user experience
  2. Manufactured Housing Community; This property type was recently added and we made additional edits to the excel to handle the web updates
  3. Improved Formatting EXEC tab "Exposure & Marketing Time" table; Changed formatting on the tab in various cells to improve user experience
  4. Improved Formatting Comparable Tabs; Changed formatting on the tab in various cells to improve user experience
  5. GRM Tab now works with SALE2 tab; Previously the GRM tab only pulled sales from SALE1, now it is both
  6. Template conversion to Canada; Improved interface with web app to identify Canadian properties and adjust the BASE excel accordingly
  7. Exposure Time Update; This was added to the value conclusion tables
  8. "National Investor Survey" time period update
  9. Price Appreciation for Market Growth; Math changed in formulas that calculate growth to be cumulative YOY
  10. Land Approach Report Use - US; Corrected error that prevented this dropdown from working
  11. Land Approach Report Use - Canada; Corrected error that prevented this dropdown from working
  12. Retrospective Data for Regional Data; Corrected error that prevented archived data from pulling into the workbook
  13. ALTMFRR SF Calculation; Corrected math error to allow for accurate aggregation of SF data
  14. Formatting in the BASE excel; Various formatting edits that included shading suggestions, column widths, number formatting, and border requests
  15. DCF - Excel Formula Edit; Replaced formula so that growth referred to REIMB Growth factor instead of MISC. Growth factor
  16. RENT tabs, Growth factor; Formulas edited so that the total adjustments made from the miscellaneous items also were included
  17. Market Conditions Adjustments; Math changed to reflect compounding rather than overall change
  18. Reference to Single Family; Updated reference to dwelling unit to comply with modern standards
  19. Leading Zero in Zip Codes on Maps; Corrected formulas on all map tables to allow for leading zeros
  20. Formatting Adjustments - RENT1; Adjusted formulas to account for additional rows for user formatted cell values
  21. Street Type; deleted the defaults and left blank
  22. Subject Age - Retrospective Reports; Changed the date of reference for Retrospective Date of Value
  23. SALE1 - Residual; Corrected math error to allow for After Sale Adjustments
  24. RENTROLL - Named Range; Increased the area for the named range to allow for use in word reports for all scenarios
  25. ALTMFRR Formatting; Changed formatting on the tab in various cells to improve user experience
  26. COST Default Selections for Dropdowns; Various dropdowns had default selections (Yes or No) that were edited to accommodate ease of use
  27. OER tab; Changed formatting on the tab in various cells to improve user experience
  28. Named Range - DCF Import; Corrected range for area needed to collect data from Argus and Rockport up to 20 years


1.3.22 Release | November 9, 2022

  1. Adjusted Chart size for NRA on SALE2 tab when less than 10 sales are used
  2. Corrected formula error on 421(a) Tax table on TAX tab
  3. Revised math for Equalization calculation on the TAX tab
  4. Fixed formatting bug resulting in descriptions for Legal, Conforming not being represented
  5. Fixed bug on REPORT tab causing shortened sentences
  6. Adjusted the width of the tables on the SITE tab to enhance word link results
  7. Corrected formatting issue in hidden area of ZONE tab
  8. Fixed bug related to the Ownership history to enhance error reporting
  9. Corrected formulas for Adjusted PSF figures on RENT1-4 tabs
  10. Corrected formulas for Adjusted PSF figures on SALE1-2 tabs
  11. Corrected formulas for Adjusted PSF figures on LAND1-2 tabs
  12. Corrected issue in the vacancy calculations on the DCAP tab
  13. Revised the Vacancy Breakout Table

1.3.21 Release | September 28, 2022

  1. Added Sale History Table on EXEC tab
  2. Aded Equalized Value option to TAX tab
  3. Added Detailed Vacancy Chart to DCAP tab
  4. Modified Info Sources table on  REPORT tab
  5. Added Multi-Select drop downs to the Info Sources Table
  6. Fix for the Enhanced CMA where CoStar added columns
  7. Fix for the DEMO tab to allow for additional decade
  8. Fix for Canadian users that was preventing switching back
  9. Enhanced support features for Manufactured Housing
  10. Add additional description columns on UNITMIX tab to support unit type discussion
  11. Fixed bug where rent was pulling into wrong column on UNITMIX tab
  12. Update REGIONAL tab so that BLS data requests could be completed for W11 users
  13. Fixed references on EXEC tab to allow for better handling of mixed use properties
  14. Fixed error on DCAP tabs that caused vacancy to be double counted
  15. Fixed error in RENT tabs related to TI calculations
  16. Fixed error on LOCAL tab so that Year Built can be supported when data not available
  17. Fixed error on Home tab related to Sale History
  18. Enhanced support for Canadian users on the REPORT tab
  19. Modified chart size for Streets to improve import into Word
  20. Improved user options on IMPV tab to allow users choices in how to calculate Site Coverage 
  21. Added ability to choose adjusted or unadjusted sale figures on all of the summary comp tables
  22. Fixed error on ALTMFRR preventing average rent from calculating
  23. Added “Entitlements” as an adjustment criteria in approaches
  24. Fixed error in RENT tabs preventing custom auto formatting feature from working on all rows
  25. Fixed formatting and error issue on IE tab preventing the $/Unit figures from handing zeros
  26. Fixed error in Pro Forma column on IE tab preventing correct figures from the DCAP to pull in for some property types
  27.  Added option for Show Addresses on the EXPCOMP tab
  28. Updated accounting of Units in excel for mixed use scenarios
  29. Added support on UNITMIX tab to handle the Tenant Groups in a mixed use scenario
  30. Added support on UNITMIX tab to handle unit counts as reported by the Rent Roll
  31. Enhanced support for Freddie Mac templates.

1.3.17 Release | July 22, 2022

  1. Updated error handling for comp photos
  2. Updated error handling for subject photo
  3. Updated error handling for signature images
  4. Fix for error in Enhanced CMA not grabbing vacancy all the time
  5. Updated calculations for $PSF figures when analyzing per month in DCAP
  6. Fixed formulas on Multiplier Method where row was off by one
  7. Added support to allow for adjustments that be either in % or $ both with decimal control (RE1 only while testing)
  8. Added enhancement on NRA calcs on SA1 and SA2
  9. Enhanced date calcs for current rent start in Rent Roll when utilizing report date
  10. Added feature in rent roll: FTM and TTM, in both single and multi-tenant modes
  11. Added feature in DCAP to use forecast or TTM from rent roll in all modes
  12. Improved Pie Chart Placement on LOCAL tab to treat word import issues
  13. Added support for Canadian addresses – template updates terminology and converts to metric
  14. Added additional rent roll support for MF – Custom RR and Unit Mix on separate tab
  15. Added additional support for tax abatement and exemption tables
  16. Updated formatting in various fields on Site and Improvement tabs
  17. Fix for Year Built and Renovated calculations when there are multiple buildings
  18. Fix for gross adjustment calculations on Land tabs
  19. Added additional support for Prop-13/Stabilized tax estimation
  20. Added table for summarizing approaches used
  21. Added additional support for Improvement ratio calculations
  22. Demo tab updated to accommodate ESRI/STDB export change
  23. Fix error with Free Rent adjustment calculation on RENT tab
  24. Fix error related to rounding in RENT tab adjustments
  25. Fix error causing Canadian format to appear
  26. Fix spelling error on ALTMFRR tab
  27. Fix error omitting comps in the Survey Comparable Map List
  28. Fix word choice in REPORT tab for Income Approach
  29. Added support for Mobile Home Park Template 


  1. Error handling and issue for comp photos (10 tabs effected).
  2. Error handling and issue for subject photo.
  3. Error in CMA not grabbing vacancy all the time.
  4. Allow $PSF/month in DCAP
  5. Fixed formulas on Multiplier Method where row was off by one
    adjustments can be done either in percent or $ and can be formatted to multiple decimals on the fly (RE1 only while testing)
  6. Added edit for enhancement on NRA calcs on SA1 and SA2
  7. Enhanced date calcs for current rent when looking at report date
  8. Rent roll can now do FTM as well as TTM, in both single and multi tenant modes
  9. Incorporated DCAP use of forecast or TTM from rent roll in all modes
  10. Pie Chart Placement on LOCAL tab


  1. Added functionality to additional Streets and Frontage Table
  2. Improved Band of Investment tables to handle future dates
  3. Improved formulas in Zoning tables
  4. Improved formulas for Site Rating
  5. Improved formulas on the EXEC tab to prevent too many decimals
  6. Improved formulas to prevent Renovation year errors
  7. Improved QSR charts on SPECIALUSE tab
  8. Additional improvement to photo tables on all comparison tabs


  1. Fix bug preventing non-JPG photos from importing


  1. Add option to remove building name in the improvement description when there are multiple buildings
  2. Improve FF&E depreciation calculations to avoid over rounding
  3. Additional Improvement to formulas for pulling in Zip Codes
  4. Excel Lock Feature for Auth fail (HIDE)
  5. Add Adj vs Unadj sale price table and chart to LAND1 and LAND2
  6. Repair CCRSI import so that chart and data pull in correctly
  7. Auto fit feature for photos in all comp photo tables (Land, Sales, Survey and Rents)
  8. Improve the DCF to accommodate longer term scenarios
  9. Added Religious Facility to template list.


  1. Repaired formula for improvement ratio
  2. Fixed bug to allow leading zero’s in zip code for subject and comparables
  3. Repaired error in unit type formula preventing bathroom count from importing in multifamily module
  4. Added more tables for the Eminent Domain template 
  5. Improved Eminent Domain Functionality
  6. Fixed error in Land Area Measure on SALE1 tab



  1. Added ability to use land area as UOM in the improved sales sections
  2. Improved formulas on DCF1 and DCF2 to better capture capital items
  3. Edited error in formula on RENTROLL tab that prevents the execsumm text fields from populating correctly
  4. Added option to IMPV tab that allows user to choose Overall Site Area over Economic Site Area to calculate FAR/Improvement ratio
  5. Improved Formulas in DCF1 and DCF2 so that items that were showing as zero in initial years did not cause the rows to hide
  6. Edited the formulas for Dock Levelers to show Yes/No results instead of trying to count
  7. Added an "Unadjusted & Adjusted Price" chart to the SA2 tab, just like it is on SA1
  8. Edited formulas and ranges on RE1 to allow users to hide adjustment summary, but still utilize the rent comparable ranges links in the word doc under Discussion of Lease Comparables and Conclusion of Market Rent


  1. Provided additional functionality to make RERC and Realty Rates optional (auto-hide)

  2. Fix text color issues in Excel Branding process on COST and SALE tabs

  3. Fix formulas on EXEC tab to correct unwanted capitalization

  4. Improved import ability for Client Name Salutation on HOME tab to allow for accidental spaces

  5. Add East Coast Region Warehouse to PwC list

  6. Corrected error in DCF preventing data from importing into tables when using legacy method

  7. Improved formulas on DCF tabs to allow for greater flexibility with sub accounts

  8. Fixed formulas on LEASEUP tab in MF lease up costs table to prevent errors in calculation


  1. Added naming convention to building profit in Cost Approach to aid in narrative

  2. Added naming convention to Entrepreneurial Incentive in Cost Approach  to aid in narrative

  3. Additional formulas in QSR section to aid in connecting with Rent conclusions

  4. Update CCRSI feature to accommodate CoStar change for both Land tables and both Sale tables

  5. Added RERC and Realty Rates to Cap Rate Conclusion Table on OAR tab

  6. Added two tables for both RERC and Realty Rates conclusions on the RATES tab to facilitate a narrative if wanted

  7. Name the hi lo and avg fields for all conclusions in the Cap Rate Summary Table on the OAR tab

  8. Name the hi lo and avg fields for all conclusions in the new Discount Rate Summary Table on the RATES tab

  9. Name the hi lo and avg fields for all conclusions in the new Residual Rate Summary Table on the RATES tab


  1. Improved functionality in Assumptions tab to accommodate Rockport VAL

  2. Improved functionality in RentRoll to accommodate Rockport VAL

  3. Improved functionality in DCFI and DCFII as well as value matrices to accommodate Rockport VAL


  1. Add Support for Street Comments in Base template 
  2. Bug in BLS Data import fixed


  1. Added area for second HBU when excess land is selected
  2. Added option to choose unit descriptions, type, or both on the SURVEY1/2 and DCAP1/2 tabs
  3. Edited municipalities in Tax section with misspells


  1. Improved formula for L187 on DCap to accommodate various mixed use scenarios
  2. Widened the data columns on the Site tab so the data is more visible.
  3. Update ESRI import area to accommodate vendor changes
  4. Changed IMPV descriptions from proper to sentence case
  5. Added Bays/Bay to units of measure


  1. Added error handling to allow for blank in flood zone 2
  2. Fix bug that is replacing the value in D108 on IMPV tab, erasing custom entries
  3. Fixed formula in site comments to allow for better punctuation
  4. Fixed bug causing error in average calculations on Sale1 and Sale2 tabs


  1. Added ability for excel to interface with Rockport VAL using APIs and deploy cash flows
  2. Added additional instructions on Unit Mix to aid the user - the Number of Unit Types is needed so that those rows that were hidden and not displaying data would be visible
  3. Fixed bug deleting formula for APN01 and changing to “1” on TAX tab C44
  4. Fixed bug preventing cash flow without software HOME F42 (Change references from Yes to Excel)
  5. Added ability for second flood zone to import in site details area, with a reset button for the formulas
  6. Added discussion to accommodate two flood zones in the site comments section
  7. Fixed bug allowing multiple semicolons in Site Comments D76
  8. Fixed bug preventing C69 on Sales tab to reflect correct Unit Type
  9. Fixed bug from preventing Subject_UnitName on IMPV tab from showing correct type C13
  10. Fixed bug resetting Imp Desc choice to yes when refreshing after user selects no
  11. Fixed bug changing percent office to number format on IMPV tab
  12. Edited formulas in DCF and related modules to accommodate MF cash flows via Rockport VAL
  13. Edited formulas for Max and Mins on the Sale table so that fields don't change to zero and can still link to word
  14. Repaired error code resulting from RENTROLL tab being hidden while running DCF for MF
  15. Fixed bug preventing Age calculation on EXEC tab to round properly


  1. Deployed new ribbon feature that allows users to load data into excel and accommodate multiple new API’s
  2. Merged GET DATA and GET SETS buttons to mirror the ribbon functionality - this button will go away soon
  3. Added fields from database: Client Notes, Property Contact Company, Property Contact, Name and Property Contact Phone Number
  4. Added CUSTOM FIELDS Tab - allows user to collect and name and format automatically the custom fields from their database - loads when job loads from database
  5. Added API for Custom Fields Options
  6. Added API for building and site details including ability to assign size data to either multiple buildings or primary, surplus, excess or unusable land
  7. Added functionality to accommodate multiple buildings and characteristics
  8. Added functionality to accommodate multiple sites and characteristics
  9. Added functionality to accommodate multiple streets and characteristics
  10. Added functionality for multiple tax assessments for multiple parcels and history for multiple parcels
  11. Added additional functionality for HUD templates
  12. Added additional functionality for RCS templates
  13. Color code license expiration on the HOME tab to reflect red if expired
  14. Edit conditional formatting on IE CONC tab to filter out bugs for c-store use
  15. Added edits to IE_CONC tab so areas of table can accommodate c-store use
  16. Fixed bug issue allowing correct cost approach model to flow through VALUES tab
  17. Fixed bug issue preventing correct c-store valuation on VALUES tab
  18. Added functionality to make adjustments to LAND2 conclusions


  1. Edit zoning conclusion to filter out bug
  2. Add site grade to site details table
  3. Edit conclusions on LAND1&2 and SALE1&2 tabs for adjustments to account for multiple/additional units of measure
  4. Added GLA reference to IE_CONC tab 
  5. Fixed bug issue preventing multiple parcels from showing on TAX tab
  6. Fixed bug issue causing entries to duplicate on IMPV tab
  7. Added FAR as a unit of measure option for LAND1&2 and VALUE tabs
  8. Added functionality to include Primary Land Size as a basis for value on LAND1&2
  9. Amended formulas on OAR tab that were preventing sales from pulling through
  10. Fixed bug issue causing build out percent to calculate incorrectly
  11. Added option to use land sale marketing time data in the Marketing Time analysis
  12. Added option on REPORT tab so users can select cost approach but with no reliance
  13. Amended formula in tax comment conclusion to filter out bug
  14. Font size on ZONE tab changed to match rest of template
  15. Edited formula in gross adjustment calculations on LAND1 and LAND2 tabs to filter out bug
  16. Edited formula on EXEC tab to improve formatting and enable more flexibility across the property types
  17. Corrected error preventing correct report depth from pulling in
  18. Fixed bug preventing Appraiser3&4 from populating
  19. Added Appraiser count to come from Valcre web
  20. Fixed minor bug in DCF auto comments


  1. Improved utilization and applied fixes to the depreciation modules in the cost approach.
  2. Added a slimmed down cost approach table (simple) that can be used in lieu of original version.
  3. Applied fixes to the DCAP to enhance utilization for mixed use.
  4. Applied fixes to the OAR tab to enhance utilization for mixed use.
  5. Applied fixes to the RENTROLL, IE_IN, IE and IE_CONC tabs to enhance utilization for mixed use.
  6. Added utilization for FFE conclusion on a per unit of measure basis.
  7. Enhanced the VALUES tab to accommodate conclusions for additional approaches.
  8. Applied fix to IE_CONC tab that was causing error in tax estimate.
  9. Applied fix to UNIT MIX tab to allow use of zeros and blanks.
  10. Added Job Comments, Payment Comments, and Delivery Comments to HOME tab in excel template.
  11. Applied edits to enhance use for Hypothetical Value Conclusions.
  12. Applied edits to enhance the use of the Regression Analysis by adding formulas for correlation coefficient encapsulated and R2 calculation check.
  13. Added the ability to use cash flow tables for Cstore use.
  14. Created custom chart of Accounts for Cstore use on the IE_IN tab.
  15. Applied fixes to the MAPS tab to prevent the wrong map from linking to word.
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