Valcre Basics Learning Path: Professional Subscription


Congratulations on purchasing the Professional Subscription Tier with Valcre! This guide is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless onboarding experience, providing you and your team with an optimal learning path in Valcre. 

Learning Path

We recommend taking these courses in the order provided below, but you are welcome to take the courses in your preferred order.  


The Basics

  1. Overview
  2. Setting up your Account

Valcre Online

  1. Database Basics + Creating a Job
  2. Using the Search Grid
  3. Using Sales Comparables
  4. Using Lease Comparables
  5. Using Expense Comparables
  6. Using Survey Comparables
  7. Importing Third-Party Sales Comparables
  8. Creating Datasheets
  9. Creating Summary Comparable Reports
  10. Sign up for Weekly Training

Valcre Mobile

  1. Downloading Valcre Mobile
  2. Valcre Mobile: Adding Properties
  3. Valcre Mobile: Adding Parcels
  4. Valcre Mobile: Adding Photos

Valcre Office

  1. Installing Valcre Office Add-ins

Valcre Valuation Workbook

  1. Valcre Workbook: Setting up your Workbook
  2. Valcre Workbook: Using the Home sheet
  3. Valcre Workbook: CUSTOM - Custom Fields sheet
  4. Valcre Workbook: MAPS - Regional, Aerial, & Local Maps sheet
  5. Valcre Workbook: EXEC - Executive Summary sheet
  6. Valcre Workbook: REPORT - Report Information sheet
  7. Valcre Workbook: SITE - Site Details | Descriptions sheet
  8. Valcre Workbook: IMPV - Improvement Details + Component Description sheet
  9. Valcre Workbook: TAX - Assessment & Taxes sheet
  10. Valcre Workbook: ZONE - Zoning sheet
  11. Valcre Workbook: DEMO - Demographics sheet
  12. Valcre Workbook: LOCAL - Local Area Development sheet
  13. Valcre Workbook: REGIONAL - Regional Unemployment Data sheet
  14. Valcre Workbook: CMA1 - CoStar Market Analysis sheet
  15. Valcre Workbook: SALE1 - Improved Sales sheet
  16. Valcre Workbook: RENT1 - Rent Roll Single-Tenant sheet
  17. Valcre Workbook: RENT2 - Rent Roll Multi-Tenant sheet
  18. Valcre Workbook: SURVEY1 - Survey + Unit Mix sheet
  19. Valcre Workbook: IE_IN&IE - Operating Historicals sheet
  20. Valcre Workbook: EXPCMP - Expense Comparables
  21. Valcre Workbook: IE_CONC - Income & Expense Conclusions
  22. Valcre Workbook: OAR - Capitalization Rates
  23. Valcre Workbook: DIRCAP - Direct Capitalization
  24. Valcre Workbook: LEASEUP - Lease-Up Single-Tenant
  25. Valcre Workbook: LEASEUP - Lease-Up Multi-Tenant
  26. Valcre Workbook: INSRC - Insurable Replacement Cost
  27. Sign up for Weekly Training


Valcre Valuation Report

  1. Valcre Report: Report Basics
  2. Valcre Report: Inserting Datasheets into a Report
  3. Valcre Report: Inserting Files and Images
  4. Valcre Report: Saving Report as a PDF
  5. Valcre Report: Images not converting to PDF
  6. Sign up for Weekly Training


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